How to remove the hard drive’s red bar alert in Windows 10?

barre rouge sous windows 10 - disque plein

Run regedit.exe as administrator Open HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Classes\Drive Change the values for both TileInfo and PreviewDetails keys by removing the phrase “System.PercentFull;” (without the quotes) TileInfo key before and after PreviewDetails key before and after And restart Windows. You should be able to see the absence of the color bars !

“Memories of Sarajevo” au Festival d’Avignon

Image tirée du spectacle "Mémories of Sarajevo"

Le début du siège de Sarajevo commence en 1992, deux mois après la signature du traité de Maastricht qui transforme la Communauté européenne en Union européenne. Ce pacte, sa transformation, ses conséquences ou dégâts ne laisseront personne indifférent. En regard des décisions et indécisions des grandes institutions, d’une histoire que peu maîtrisent, Memories of Sarajevo … Read more


You have a fresh install of Volumio, and you just started the Raspberry Pi. 1// enable ssh and click on “ENABLE” SSH 2// connect to the raspberry pi ssh password: volumio 3// update and install sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade -y && reboot sudo apt-get install keyboard-configuration 4// Touchscreen And now … Read more

Free Pict{s}

free no free mockup video

Zalman VE500 firmware 2.0.2 & manuals

Hard to find ? Here is it. Version 2.0.2 Zalman VE500 3637E FWUpdater V2.02 [07.09.2018] size: 2 726 110 bytes. Just unzip and execute the .exe  file (Right clic and Execute as Administrator). The Zalman must be connected ! Manuel Fr et En Tip : press number 3 will update all .iso files (rescan) Article test … Read more